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API Endpoint:

API Parameters:

  1. language - Option: "en" or "de" (English or German texts)
  2. topic - Option: "$SearchQuery" (based on $SearchQuery a text article will be created)
  3. action - Please provide 'action' Parameter to indicate action. 'action'-Parameter can have the status:'create' to create a new text article or can have status:'fetch' to fetch an article after it was created
    1. action - If you provide the status of 'fetch' to the 'action'-Parameter then please also provide the session-Parameter 'session' with its corresponding Session ID that you got back while providing the initial 'create'-Request

Sample "Create"-Request

This will create a German article with the focus on "Hauskauf":

Code: wget ''

Sample "Fetch"-Request

After a successfull '&action=create'-Request (seen by 'status'-Code "200") you will get a Session ID back in the output parameter 'session'.

Please use this session id to poll every 90 Seconds for the result article with this sample request below. Please provide your given session ID.

Create one article will take about 5-6 minutes!

Fetch Article via Polling every 60 Seconds for up to 15 Minutes:

Code: wget ''

Sample JSON Results

API Output Sample

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